Sensory Board Premium Play

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NeuroToys Club Mitglieder verdienen für dieses Produkt 5-6 Points, im Wert von CHF 5.00-CHF 6.00!
NeuroToys Club Mitglieder verdienen für dieses Produkt 5-6 Points, im Wert von CHF 5.00-CHF 6.00!

Sensory board PREMIUM PLAY is a real invention for children! It is that kind of tactile board that does not collect dust in the corner. It is a great assistant for parents! And most importantly, it gives toddlers precious joy. They curiously study each element and master the unknown. The sensory board for toddlers is a complete set of the most beloved elements successfully tested by our smallest explorers!

Why choose the sensory activity board Premium Play?

  • The wooden board is fully certified and safe to play with
  • It contains all the elements to fully capture the interest of children!
  • Individual parts of the Montessori sensory board contain different levels of difficulty. Hence, the board will accompany small children throughout many stages of development
  • This gorgeous tactile board is designed in the spirit of the Montessori pedagogy
  • All the mechanisms on the board stimulate learning through experimentation. They teach patience and encourage observational learning of the environment

Highlights in functions of Sensory Board Premium Play

  • The panel with 3 LED lights improves critical thinking and sensory memory, Children learn perceptiveness and develop fine motor skills
  • The socket with the plug ensures that children show less interest towards the real one in the household. This way they have time to play with it safely on the tactile board
  • The light switch with a diode stimulates the child’s reaction to light stimuli
  • For toddlers, one can introduce the concept of “turning” by simply rotating the clock arms. Move the arms “left”, “right”, “up”, and “down” to promote spatial abilities early. Use it later to teach about the time and rhythm of your child’s day.
  • The trumpet as a sound stimulus familiarises the child with various sounds in the environment
  • Matching shapes in the sorting section trains object recognition and early maths skills


If you wish to read more about a sensory activity board, here is a link.

Available options for Sensory Board Premium Play

There are 4 beautiful pastel colours to harmoniously fit into an interior. Just click Variation & Colour button to select from. Moreover, you can choose the tactile board with or without the board holder. If without, you ideally mount it to the wall.

Please be aware. Only under strict parental or guardian supervision, toddlers of 12 months can explore the sensory board. By 3 years – kids play independently. Additionally, bi-weekly inspection and tightening of screws is an inherent task when owning busy boards.

Here is a short video guideline, if you require a handle installation: Part 1 & Part 2

Age recommendation:
12 months + (supervised) – 3 years + (independent)
Size of the wooden board: 62.5 x 50 cm



metal, paint, plywood, textile, velcro




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