Woobiboo has been gaining its signature niche place in the toy industry since 2018. The brand delivers an amazing design of busy boards and sorting activities, brilliantly capturing the philosophy of Maria Montessori.

Children play with FSC-certified plywood, safe water-based and antibacterial paints. All products go through different stages of quality control along with handmade precision of work at the highest level. The brand is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility. Namely, it maintains its supply chain and internal processes at eco-friendly levels. It is also active in various educational activities for young people and their parents. For example, they locally facilitate parenting bazaars, yoga classes for pregnant women and kids, run workshops on speech therapy and early speech dysfunctions.

Busy boards combine quite a challenging amount of elements that must be safe for kids to play with. Thus, NeuroToys is proud to have the toy maker Woobiboo on board, as it obtains all necessary certifications for their sustainable sensory activities. Additionally, we offer customisation services for educational toys of Woobiboo. Would you like to personalise a name puzzle and personalise it?

What a dexterity exercise it will be for those little fingers once the toddler gets a wooden busy board as a gift! Stunning letter-sorting activities, colour-sorting and shape-sorting games provide mindful play in the preschool age. Long-lasting learning tools that turn into heirlooms and continue delighting other children from future generations.

Toys of Woobiboo promote positive attitudes towards life, openness and curiosity, and sensitivity for environmental factors.

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