Locks and Latches

Working on fine motor skills is one of the hardest tasks for infants and toddlers. Thus, it is very important to provide small children with as many versatile learning tools as possible. There are so many alternative ways to improve manual dexterity at home, like playdough games, painting, washing berries, picking grains with fingers or gardening. However, it is not quite enough. For example, educational toys with locks and latches have proven to be very effective to improve fine motor skills and prepare hands for handwriting. Moreover, they encourage curiosity and promote problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity skills.

Montessori latch boards for toddlers

Our collection of sustainable learning tools offers a beautiful variety of certified latch boards. We have gorgeous activity boards made of high-quality wood. Sensory and tactile elements of locks and latches are made of different materials to enrich the perception of small children. These wooden boards are mostly for home and indoor use. Also, have a look at our soft booklet toy with locks and latches that you can easily take with you on a trip. It is light and small in size. It has a totally different set of fidget toys and presents a more advanced level for kids hand dexterity. Thus, introduce it closer to 3 years.

With this type of learning resources on a regular basis, children master their locks and latches skills by the age of 5. Scroll down for great options and see how to improve manual dexterity for your little one.

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