Baby Busy Board Premium XL

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NeuroToys Club Mitglieder verdienen für dieses Produkt 7 Points, im Wert von CHF 7.00!
NeuroToys Club Mitglieder verdienen für dieses Produkt 7 Points, im Wert von CHF 7.00!

Baby Busy Board Premium XL is the board of the boards!

The more details, the more to discover, and the longer their “me time” parents can enjoy! Once children learn the basics of the mechanisms, they bring in own creative ideas into play with the baby busy board.

Imagine, when your child is 4 or 5 years old, you create an airplane cockpit, where the manipulation board presents all control mechanisms! With this instrument panel – you have a pilot at home! All aboard!

The wooden sensory board is packed with tactile challenges. Thus, be prepared that children get impatient from time to time. Once asked for help, show how to slide a lock, for example. Soon it will be a beautiful soothing feeling for both parents and children once resolved on their own!

This toddler busy board Premium XL is a guarantee of multidimensional fun and the whole package with learning possibilities!

Why choose Baby Busy Board Premium XL?

  • Our manufacturer pays attention to every detail and ensures it is safe for children. All necessary test certificates are obtainable.
  • The wooden sensory board is the largest available model with a wider variety of operational elements to hang on the wall!
  • The toy is a great solution for siblings – both can share and almost no fights! 😉
  • Due to varieties of difficulties by operational type, the composition of tactile elements grows really well with children over time
  • Each module and its complexity will reinforce the psychomotor development of the child
  • Our manufacturer designed it on the principles of Montessori education

Operational Mechanisms on the board

A calculator, rotating cogs, locks and latches, chains, a geometric shape sorter, LED-light panel, a door handle, a velcro band, ropes with balls, a clock, shoe laces, a plug & socket combo, etc.

Educational value of the toddler busy board

The wooden board is a strong educational tool during early childhood. Children get in contact with a wide variety of functions and learn how to operate them. Gradually but surely they boost brain function.

  • They develop memory and reasoning skills
  • The activity strengthens finger and hand dexterity – fine motor skills
  • The mechanisms promote tactile learning and perception
  • Children learn how to focus on and finish tasks
  • The wooden board promotes self-regulation

Available options for Baby Busy Board Premium XL

There are 3 types of wooden boards in our collection. And all these pastels – mint, pink, purple, grey, salmon…  are just stunning! Which one to choose?.. ☺️

If you wish to read more about a baby busy board, here is a link.

Please be aware. Babies can already play with the busy board as of 12 months. However, parents and guardians should strictly supervise the activity. As of 3 years – independent use is allowed. Bi-weekly inspection and tightening of screws is an inherent task when owning a busy board.

Here is a short video guideline, if you require a handle installation in Part 1 & Part 2From our options you can busy board kaufen here and if you are interested in Montessori busy board 1 year old – it is definitely a great birthday present! 
Age recommendation:
12 months + (supervised) – 3 years + (independent)
Size of the wooden board: 60 x 80 cm


Weight10 kg
Dimensions70 × 90 × 15 cm

metal, paint, plywood, textile, velcro




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