NeuroToys is a Swiss online retailer for educational and didactic toys and games for children, and brain-training fun activities for grown-ups.

We help mothers, fathers and child-care specialists to choose the right teaching aids for home-schooling, nursery, kindergarten and therapeutic sessions. About 80% of our thoroughly refined collection offers close-ended toys approved by Neurospecialists, focusing on accomplishing a wide range of pertinent skills for each particular age.
By integrating our range onto your weekly toy shelves, you help the child to improve his/her self-confidence, attention span, fine motor development, different reasoning, speech and math skills. Basically we support you in preparing your child for school, by offering useful brain games to play after school, on weekends independently or with friends and family.

And, of course, as for us, adults, we also need to keep activating and sustaining our brain’s cognitive functions – in the format of hobbies and games. Visit our categories: “Neuro Games for Adults”, “Neuro Games with Family & Friends” and “Heirloom Toyology & Collectology” and keep challenging and nourishing your brain with mind-boggling puzzles, 3d-modelling kits, painting, crafting, etc. – to sustain neural activities and stay mentally sharp.

The vision of NeuroToys is to also expand our offerings under own production of eco-friendly and multi-functional learning and brain-stimulating products for the whole family. The first two exciting projects will be launched in Spring/Summer 2022. The brand NeuroToys will be accessible via channel – for wholesale cooperation opportunities. Join us on Instagram, Facebook and stay tuned!

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