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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the NeuroToys website terms and conditions for use. If you have any questions in regards to product information, order placing process or our general terms and conditions, please contact us via email info@neurotoys.fun or alternatively fill out the form on our Contact Us page

1. Preamble

1.1. These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”) of NeuroToys GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “NeuroToys”, “Seller” or “Company”), apply to all contracts that the customer (be it a natural or legal person; a consumer or an entrepreneur; hereinafter both referred to as “Customer”) concludes with the seller via the seller’s online store.

1.2. Customers within the meaning of section 1.1 shall not enter into a legal transaction for a purpose that can be attributed neither to his/her commercial nor his/her independent professional activity.

1.3. These GTC define the contractual relationship between NeuroToys and the Customer who makes an online purchase. With each order confirmation, the Customer accepts the GTC of the Seller without restriction. Thus, the inclusion of the Customer’s own terms and conditions is hereby objected to, unless otherwise agreed on other terms and occasions (in a written form).

1.4. The contract is concluded with NeuroToys GmbH, Im Rank 64, 6300 Zug, Switzerland.

You can reach our customer service at:
Email: customer@neurotoys.fun
Phone: + 41 79 9021529

2. Conclusion of contract

2.1. The website is operated by the NeuroToys GmbH that sells branded educational toys and games for children and adults. The product representations contained in the Seller’s online store are intended to provide information on all essential characteristics and images of the goods, and to serve the submission of a legally binding offer by the Customer.

2.2. A purchase in NeuroToys online store is possible by electronic order and personal placement via email. After completing the order (including an obligation to enter personal data), the Customer must accept the GTC (according to Article 184 CO) and confirm his/her order by selecting the BUY button, in the final step of the ordering process. The order is now legally valid and binds the Customer to NeuroToys by a purchase contract with respect to the goods that were contained in the shopping cart. If the purchase is made via a bank transfer, the acceptance of GTC is explicitly accepted.

2.3. The Seller shall immediately confirm receipt of the Customer’s offer by email with the following summary details: the range of bought products, the quantity, the total price, any delivery, freight and shipping costs, any delivery restrictions and the accepted means of payment. However, this confirmation of the receipt does not yet constitute acceptance of the contractual offer until creditworthiness of the Customer is checked and approved.

2.4. The Seller reserves the right to change its GTC at any time. The sales conditions at the time of the customer’s order confirmation apply.

3. Pricing and payment methods

3.1. The stated prices are final prices in CHF, excl. shipping costs and including any applicable Swiss value added tax throughout internal purchasing operations. Shipping costs are added to the final total amount of the order. The Seller reserves the right to change its prices at any time and without prior notice. The prices at the time of the Customer’s order confirmation apply.

3.2. During the ordering process, the Customer has the option to pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex), PayPal, TWINT. He/she will be directed to the secure and encrypted payment system of our Partner. NeuroToys shall have no access to confidential information regarding the payment’s attributes.

3.3. The Seller accepts bank transfers as well only under the condition that the Customer processes the payment within 5 working days after receiving the order confirmation. The payment reminder will be sent to the Customer, where he/she still has 2 days to pay. For manual processing of orders, the Customer shall contact our customer service directly via customer@neurotoys.fun

4. Gift certificate

The Seller offers an alternative binding type of transaction – the electronic gift certificate. To purchase it, the Customer can select various amounts: CHF 30, CHF 50, CHF 75, CHF 100, CHF 150 and CHF 200. The Customer reserves the right to pass it over (via an email, a print out) to any person and shall inform him/her about all essential details: validity date, redemption policies and balance check. The electronic gift certificate expires in 3 months, counting down as of the starting date it was bought.

5. Loyalty programme

5.1. NeuroToys formalises and acknowledges the Customer loyalty by rewarding his/her repeat purchases either with loyalty points and/or freebies that the Seller secures for special moments, surprises and “thank-you’s”. NeuroToys operates on a foundational three-tiered scheme:

Tier 1: “Basic Points-Based Scheme”
The Customer earns points that will be redeemed for discounts on future products

1 point = CHF 1 until CHF 40.00
2 points = CHF 2 until CHF 80.00
3 points = CHF 3 above CHF 80.00 etc.

1 point = CHF 1 per product review

Tier 2: “Customised Rewarding Scheme”
Over the months and years the Customer’s accumulative power of money spent will grow. This means, the higher the Customer’s purchasing history is, the more exclusive his/her annual gift/s may be.

Tier 3: “Tailored Age-Based Newsletters”
The Customer will receive updates 2-4 times a year navigating him/her through essential toys and games that NeuroToys recommends according to the Customer’s child’s age.

5.2. Points expiration policy. NeuroToys encourages the Customer to initiate redemption of earned points regularly, within 24 months (countdown to start as of the last purchase). The Customer will be bi-annually informed about the status of the earned points by the Seller. However, in case an account has been inactive for over 2 years, the Customer’s accumulated points will expire.

5.3. Policy changes. NeuroToys reserves the right to review, change and enhance policies annually of its Loyalty Programme, in order to adapt to volatile market demands and yet reinforce its “giving-back” philosophy. Should that be the case, the Customer will be notified accordingly.

6. Delivery and shipping costs

6.1. NeuroToys delivers all over Switzerland and Europe. The Seller does not ship to P.O. Boxes. For any other requests to ship outside of the European Union, please contact our customer service via customer@neurotoys.fun

6.2. If no additional statements about potential delivery delays are made before finalising the transaction, shipments are usually sent within 1-2 working business days (excluding Saturday and Sunday), after the Customer’s payment has been cleared.

6.2.1. If the Customer selects an option to personalise a product, the Seller requires about 1-3 weeks to deliver the purchased product. Additional information shall be emailed, if any delays take place.

6.3. Deliveries will be made to the delivery address indicated by the customer during the ordering process. This address cannot be changed once the order has been confirmed.

6.3.1. In case of any unforeseen circumstances from the Customer’s side to urgently change the address, please email via customer@neurotoys.fun
If this is the case, additional postal charges shall apply.

6.4. All orders made in the webshop are shipped with Swiss Post. Shipping fees are calculated automatically according to the delivery destination, weight and total volume of the ordered items.

6.4.1. Free shipping. For orders over CHF 99 no shipping costs will be charged for Switzerland and Lichtenstein.
6.4.2. Switzerland and Lichtenstein. Economy services are currently being used to send out parcels.
6.4.3. Europe. Orders will be sent by mail requiring a signature of the Customer, with an automated charge applied based on volume and weight of the orders goods.

6.5. Customs in Europe and the rest of the world. Unfortunately the Seller does not have any control over imposed taxes on incoming goods from Switzerland into the country of destination. If the Customer places an order, he/she automatically takes full responsibility to pay custom fees and import taxes. If the Customer does not pay on time to the customs authorities, the goods will be withheld until settled. The Customer should be aware of additional fines, if the imposed amounts are not paid off in a timely manner.

6.6. Worldwide shipping. NeuroToys ships worldwide using services of Swiss Post and TNT, depending on destination. Shipping costs will be calculated considering the order’s volume and weight.

6.6.1. NeuroToys reserves the right to cancel and refund the order, deducting the costs incurred for shipping, if the package is not deliverable to the Customer’s stated-in-the-order address.

7. Returns & refunds

7.1. For personalised orders. The right of withdrawal does not apply to customised contracts for the delivery of goods that are manufactured according to a customer’s specifications or are clearly tailored to personal needs.

7.2. For all other orders. The customer reserves the right to return the product(s) within 14 days after receiving the order under the following conditions of the procedural steps:

7.2.1. Email info@neurotoys.fun and specify the order number and reasons for the revocation shortly.
7.2.2. The returned product(s) shall be complete, undamaged, in original packing, with no signs of use, no foul odour. If the Customer no longer has the original package, he/she shall ensure the goods are protected from damage in adequate packaging. If these proper conditions are not satisfied, the return is not possible.
7.2.3. Once the returned product(s) is(are) investigated by NeuroToys and satisfy all afore-mentioned points, the Seller obligations to refund the product(s) payment must be fulfilled within 30 days to the account specified by the Customer during the order.
7.2.4. The return of the goods is at the expense and responsibility of the Customer. The Customer uses a return slip that is sent with the order. In case the return slip is not available, the Customer must safely send the parcel to the following address:

NeuroToys GmbH
Im Rank 64
6300 Zug

7.3. Product Warranty. The warranty period is two years from the date it was purchased, in accordance with the Swiss legislation. The Seller shall not reimburse with an identical replacement product (also subject to availability), if the product in question was inadequately manipulated. However, NeuroToys shall exchange/replace a missing element or offer an alternative product, if: 1) the manufacturer’s fault becomes vivid, or 2) if there are any pointed out discrepancies in the product’s description on the website. The exchange of the product shall not extend the original warranty period.

8. Liability of the Seller

8.1. Colour deviations between the colours displayed on the website, the actual colours of the goods and the perceived colours/quality/size/shapes by the Customer on his/her Desktop may take place. Thus, NeuroToys is not liable for any minor deviations in quality, size, shape and/or colour and remains reserved within the bounds of what is reasonable.

8.2. Product defects. The Seller shall be liable for defects vis-à-vis the Customer, thus, has the obligation to examine the product before shipping. In case of any defects, the Seller reserves the right to inform the Customer and offer a discount due to any defect. If the Customer agrees, the product will be shipped and the discount amount will be either charged back (as per the method of payment). Alternatively the Customer will be offered cash points to the Customer’s account or as a coupon for the next purchase.

8.3. Transport damages. In case the product is damaged, the Customer must inform the Seller within the first 48 hours after delivery, by submitting photos with detailed information of the whole package and the product and emailing to customer@neurotoys.fun. This allows the Seller to proactively submit claims against the forwarding company and reimburse the Customer with the same new product(s).

8.4. Force Majeure. The delivery of the ordered goods shall be extended due to force majeure. Such occasions shall include strikes, shortages of raw materials, energy blackouts, lockouts, shipping bottlenecks, or any other events that the Seller is not responsible directly for. NeuroToys shall immediately inform the Customer about the delay and provide regular updates on the status of the parcel.

The Customer reserves the right to withdraw from the contract after 14 days, starting the countdown as of the first promised delivery date, with the refund by the Seller to follow. The same applies to the Seller. If the Seller cannot conclude the contract due to force majeure, all incurred charges will be refunded immediately to the Customer.

10. Applicable law

Swiss laws are governing the contractual agreement between the Customer and NeuroToys. The place of jurisdiction is Zug.

11. Disclaimer/limits of liability

11.1. NeuroToys is liable for a breach of all contractual obligations stated above, from the Articles 1-10, with respect to promises made to the Customer.

11.2. NeuroToys is not liable for any damages or injury to any person or child as a result of use or misuse of the purchased product. It is strictly up to parental judgement to decide, at which point of time to introduce the product to his/her child UNDER SUPERVISION. NeuroToys strongly believes it is the parental reasoning and common sense to weigh out potential risks, while a child is interacting with the product.

11.3. Under no circumstances, shall the NeuroToys webshop be liable for unauthorised access to its records and software.

11.4. NeuroToys intends to censor communications in reviews. Any abusive comments towards the Company, the product, other Customers, manufacturers and other third parties shall be punished, by blocking the Customer’s account and deleting respective comments in the Reviews’ sections.

NeuroToys GmbH reserves the right to make changes to these GTC at any time. Such changes will be valid with immediate effect. Please refer to the GTC regularly to learn about any changes.

General Terms and Conditions of NeuroToys GmbH., last updated: January, 2024.