Iq Baby Start Kit

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The “IQ Baby Start Kit” is our must-have for your newborn! Your baby will start working on grabbing skills, strengthening eye-sight and sensory awareness!

This light-weighted and yet sturdy Baby Rattle from Mader is a foundational start for your newborn! The grasping point in the middle is narrow enough for baby’s hands – grip and let go… grip and let go… – a very good first exercise for coordination. It is finely polished and filled with metal bells on each end.
Age: 0-12 months; diameter 4.7 cm; weight: 70 g
The award winning Skwish “Natural” fascinates babies with its springy, rebounding elastic strung between the rods of the sustainable rubber wood teether. It skwishes and returns to its original shape, with beads that slide and rattle. This multi-sensory activity provides unlimited entertainment for infants. It introduces the concept of cause and effect while boosting the development of important gross motor skills such as grasping and reaching. It is perfect for any nursery!
Age: 0-12 months; size 15.25 cm. Care instructions: do not submerge in water; surface wipe only.
Bond with a baby with these High Contrast Flash Cards on a Ring 0m+! These double-sided flash cards with 20 large illustrations are suitable for the smallest infants, who can only see high contrast colours and distinct contours. Simple, clear patterns, adjusted to the visual perception of young infants, engage baby’s attention and support visual development. Thanks to the plastic ring, you can also hang the cards next to baby’s bed or stroller, or on a mobile.
It includes a guide prepared by child psychologist Agnieszka Ostapczuk containing information about early child development for parents. The guide explains the importance of encouraging brain development at an early stage and how High Contrast Flash Cards can help.

NOTE: This product is intended as an educational tool to be shown to your baby. It is not a toy to be given to a child. Age: 0-8 months

• stimulates your baby’s brain and develops concentration
• encourages visual tracking
• focuses and strengthens baby’s eye muscles
• helps to build visual and spatial awareness

Set contains: 10 flash cards (20 images), a guide for parents, a card size 9 x 14 cm


Weight0.58 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm


Mfr. ART. NR

3969, MT209620, SF900


wood, thin cardboard, plastic


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