“… every child like a seed wanting to germinate“… but how high? In which direction? It has been the mission of Mideer since 2016 to bring educational toys and games with sense and benefits. “… a good toy is art”.

Mideer encourages parents to go the extra mile by paying close attention to their children’s needs. Systematically. Children require enjoyable toys and games, so that they are able “to explore the furthest limits of their imagination”. The less is more. Yet, do parents foster all important aspects of child development with the right set of diverse toys by age?

What distinguishes Mideer as a brand is its charismatic cutting-edge artistic design, driven by strong multi-cultural teams from Greece, Germany, France and China. Mideer ensures that each toy carries its multi-functionality and aesthetics. All learning toys are based on children’s psychology to develop their sense of beauty, multiple intelligences and creativity.

NeuroToys brings to the finest selection from Mideer. Each toy trains important cognitive and physical abilities that lay down foundation to be better and faster with forthcoming exciting challenges. Have you seen interactive activity puzzles and artistic puzzles. Tangram with variations is something we would recommend for every family. Or, cooperative games! Magnetic reconstruction kits, liquid kaleidoscopes, torches with famous stories and cognitive cards are amazing fun learning tools to have in the preschool age, as well!

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