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Loyalty Programme

We formalise customer loyalty by rewarding your repeat purchases either with loyalty points and/or freebies that we secure for special moments, surprises and “thank-yous”. Below we show you a three-tiered concept that is integrated into our “giving-back” philosophy:

Tier 1: “Basic Points-Based Scheme”

You earn points that will be redeemed for discounts on future products

1 point = CHF 1 until CHF 40.00
2 points = CHF 2 until CHF 80.00
3 points = CHF 3 above CHF 80.00 etc.

1 point = CHF 1 per product review

Tier 2: “Customised Rewarding Scheme”

Over the months and years your accumulative power of money spent will grow. This means, the higher your purchasing history is, the more exclusive your annual gift/s may be.

Tier 3: “Tailored Age-Based Newsletters”

You will receive updates 2 times a year navigating you through essential toys and games that we recommend according to your child’s age.

Policy side notes

Points expiration policy. NeuroToys encourages you to initiate redemption of earned points regularly, within 24 months. In case an account has been inactive for over 2 years, your points will expire (the count starts as of your last buy).

Policy changes. NeuroToys reserves the right to review, change and enhance policies annually of the Loyalty Programme, in order to adapt to volatile market demands and yet reinforce our “giving-back” philosophy. Should that be the case, you will be notified accordingly.

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